Thursday, October 26, 2006


From the Editors

Dealing with 'typhoons' was something we already are good at, but having to face a real one - a very destructive one at that - poses another problem. First, we know how difficult it is to go to work in such weather (not that being lured back to bed was a challenge, no!) because of traffic woes that inevitably come with rain (is this exclusive to the Philippine setting or what?). Second, there are floods to contend with in our own villages and along the PASCOR / Casino Filipino service road. Third, delays. We had to cancel a repeat workshop last September 30 because most of our co-employees and guest teachers from Tagaytay had to pick through debris and what-not that was to be the hallmark of Milenyo - destruction. Everywhere.

One of our writers showed us photos she took of her neighborhood in Laguna. The destruction in that part of Luzon was just shocking. While she had to deal (emotionally) about having to dry her prized yet soaked books in the sun, the rest of her neighbors have bigger issues - where to live, how to start all over again. Books can be bought easily, but lives - once damaged to a point - may take forever to rebuild. The scars will never disappear. Sad memories, never erased.

The Writers Guild prays for recovery and hopes that we've all learned our lessons well. If you have a chance to help your community rise from all this, please do. Share. Give. There's no need to wait for Christmas to extend your hand. The time is now.

Images of Milenyo. Dear God, never again.

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