Thursday, October 26, 2006


"I miss highschool, life was carefree, studying was easy, stress was never present, money was never a problem, friends were and are still there for you."

- Neil Joseph Y. Aaron, Organizational Development

"I desperately miss my college life one-and-a-half years ago, in San Francisco, California. I miss the foggy cold weather, hanging out with friends, walking around the city without a care in the world, and especially the freedom of being on your own (albeit for only four years) and the sheer joy that comes with it."

- Rohit M. Wad, Specialist, Corporate Quality and Integration

"Instead of ‘what’ for me, it is ‘who’. I miss my mother who died when I was in Grade 4. I only got patches of moments with her to even remember her. When I grew up, so many memories and lessons were trying to bury what I have of her, but I always manage to keep some thoughts of her - the way she spanked me, hugged me, scolded me, kissed me, etc.; although it may not be as fresh as when I was younger. Sometimes I've got problems and I’m always guessing what my mother would have advised me."

- Jose Perseus G. Canivel, Publishing-CIS

"I miss being a kid, when any pain could be healed by just a Band Aid."

- RJ C. Nepomuceno, Corporate Recruitment

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