Sunday, September 10, 2006


NEWS FLASH! A repeat of this activity is scheduled on September 30! Also, if you wish to be a certified storyteller, sign up with us for the Alitaptap Certification Training on October 21-22 at the National Library. Actual storytelling will be made before children at the Museong Pambata. The Writers Guild is offering sponsorships (certification fee, food and travel allowance all included). Text SPONSOR(space)YOUR NAME(space) to 0926.622.3359 now!

Writers Guild President Dylan Gozum, Storyteller Ethel Rey, WG Vice President Pia Manzano, Storyteller Posh, and WG Workshop Manager JP Canivel. Not in photo is Poetry Editor Alexander de la Cruz.

The 2nd workshop in the Writers Guild's A Series of Fortunate Events went on without a hitch last September 9 at the HR Training Room. The limited participation was to ensure that each attendee gets to participate fully in the session. The workshop, Book-Based Storytelling, was heavy on tips and performances designed to transform the written word (the short story) into a theatrical piece that is meant to get the full attention of children.

Two members of the famous Alitaptap Storytellers' Club, founded in 1999 in the Museo Pamnbata ng Maynila, were guests speakers. Attendees were a mixed lot of SPi employees and public school teachers from Tagaytay.

Special thanks goes to Ms. Lucy Aguila and staff of the Office of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Misses Ivy and Dhang of Employee Relations. Congratulations are due WG Officers, especially JP Canivel, Writers Guild Workshops Manager. To all participants, thank you! See you all again on the 3rd Series in October.

Mabuhay ang kwento! Long live storytelling!

Three participants act out roles of lolas (grandmothers).
Breathing exercises

Kuya Rey and Ate Posh demonstrate another method of storytelling - the tandem. In this setup, two storytellers go into a choreographed manner of performing and telling a story. It requires skill to come up with a performance that is both engaging and effective.

Rose of HDI makes a high point pose as a "ballet dancer".

Kathyleen and Gil of HDI make a midpoint posture to assume the stance of a "karate master". Postures are essential elements of an engaging storytelling session.

Joseph of HDI tries everything in his power to distract his partner. Focus is an essential element of a good storyteller.

Phem Tipo of SPS introduces her story

"Aaaarrggh! My tooth hurts!" Facial expressions form part of a credible storytelling session.

Group II "paints a portrait" of Juan Luna's
Spoliarium and wins!

Prayer meeting? No, they're simulating tree branches!
Our class pictures!

Gil of HDI loves "breaking face", a technique used often in storytelling

Making faces. All's well that ends well.

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