Saturday, September 09, 2006


TASTE ASIA (SM Mall of Asia Parking Lot)

Most people we know haven't even heard of this place. It is so hidden you wouldn't even expect to find it on the first try (but then again, the Mall of Asia is just humongous, to say the least) so when we had the chance to check it out, here's what we found out:

From Indian to Japanese...
Filipino to Thai, there are a lot of food choices here at Taste Asia!
Beers! Beers! Beers! Buy 5 of San Miguel Light, get 1 free!
Smoke = fat-rich foods = fun! (No, we hate being judgemental.)
Diners from offices come here for a filling dinner without minding the cars passing by and the often humid weather. Who cares? Uwian na rin naman.
This sizzling pork is really tender, and the sauce is very tasty.
The sizzling squid could have been good because it was fresh but that's exactly why it isn't good either - it was still fresh! Sometimes, the rush to meet piling orders lead to half-cooked food. Be careful. You may want to send this back to the kitchen.

The killer bulaklak - Chicharong bulaklak. Really, really good! Goes well with ordinary white vinegar.

Our Rating (Perfect score of 5/5):
How Taste Asia fared:
4 forks for food (Tasty; save for half-cooked squid, everything was okay)
4 rounds of applause for ambience (Warm and humid most nights)
5 rounds of applause for service (There are serves who will help you bring your trays to your table & there's a beer counter!)
2 thumbs down for cleanliness (A server gave us a cup of ice using her hands to scoop the ice out of a box. Another time, we caught a staff mixing the sisig behind a counter while seated on the floor.)
5 rounds of applause for price. Cheap and affordable. There's no airconditioner cost to pay for, that's why. Two people can only spend around Php 400 for a lot of stuff.

By the way, here's a tip. Don't embarrass yourselves by getting lost and go ask a guard for directions. At any rate, just go inside the SM Hypermarket and head towards the Parking Lot exit. It's there. Enjoy!

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