Friday, November 24, 2006



I truly enjoyed the talk given by Rica Bolipata-Santos. She was not only very entertaining, but I learned a lot from her. She made me realize I can make ordinary happenings/events in my life seem interesting if I write about them by making use of the elements of fiction. She made me realize that nothing is ordinary after all, that whatever I was thinking of, whatever I was wondering about could be of significance to somebody out there. She made me believe that, given time and practice, I could turn out to be as good a writer as she is.

I believe that nothing is more satisfying for a writer than to see one's work in print. Since she has encouraged us and got our creative juices flowing, then we might as well dream big, right?

Overall however, the seminar was worth my time and effort! I hope more SPi employees could realize how lucky we are to have these opportunities come our way!

Lisa Austria
Medical Transcriptionist, HDI

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