Friday, November 24, 2006



I cannot consider myself as a writer nor a poet, but I have the passion. I can compose poems, but I only kept them and treat them as my treasures. I thought there will be no time for me to share my hidden talent.

Thanks to JP (Canivel) of CIS (Team Leader)! He's the one from whom I got the information regarding the workshop last Oct 7, 2006. At first, I decided to only join the workshop because I want to enhance my knowledge on short stories and also to explore my talent. I thought it would just be about reading short stories in Filipino, but then to my discovery it was not!

To be honest, I almost forgot about the workshop (date). I thought it would be boring because I am not into writing stories but composing poems. I even arrived late - almost 30 minutes and I felt sorry for that. Some of the participants that time were already sharing their experiences regarding short stories, whether from their own compositions or the ones they have read. I got lucky because I didn't get to share. Well, I didn't have stories to share and I was mentally blocked so I just listened to them and observed.

It was really a fun workshop. It helped enhance the talents of the participants. Genaro Gojo Cruz was a good speaker. He knew how to interact with the participants. He also knew what the participants' needs were and he did discuss some tips on how to write short stories. Though I already had some knowledge on how to write stories, I still didn't know some of the rules and even the elements that make up a short story (until then).

It's true that it's not easy to create a character for a story. Thanks to the workshop that the Writers Guild had prepared, it really helped me a lot and it inspired me to be more imaginative, playful and resourceful, and to give more importance on the art of writing.

I suggest that all the employees of SPI, (especially) those who have the passion and talent in writing, should join the Guild and contribute their works. Thanks also to Martin, Greyz (CIS) and the other teachers from Tagaytay for (contributing) their story characters. Without them, there will be no story entitled "Chinese Garter". (Editor - The short story is published in this issue.)

Thanks for the efforts of the Writers Guild officers for contributing their time in preparing workshops (like this). Keep up the good work, guys!!!

- Alma Evita "ALEV" Maniago of CIS/CA

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