Saturday, December 30, 2006


We are proud to announce that the 'rebranding' iniative for BACKSPACE has started. First, we have moved to a new site with a new URL designed to foster easier memory recall. Second, we have a adopted a cleaner template - easier to navigate and easy to the eyes (Yes, 'easy' is the operative word here!). Third, we will be adopting the Stencil font for the headings and Verdana for text.

Also, the photos below, photographed last November, will be used alternately for the banner to properly situate the blog - that SPi is its home; the SPi employees, it's target audience. Shirts and related paraphernalia will soon be made available to further perpetuate & propagate the BACKSPACE name within the SPi Philippines system, with eventual marketing to other sites outside Manila. This is also in line with our preparations for the Guild's 5th year anniversary in 2008.

Welcome to the new BACKSPACE!

The Guild wishes to thank Perps Poblador for the great work on the new site. Photos were by Dylan Gozum.

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