Friday, October 27, 2006


Reader comment on ASTROBOY GROWS UP


"That was really touching. I've always wanted to befriend Christian 'coz I wanna know why he's like that, and one more thing, gusto kong arburin yung isa sa mga sketches niya. My officemates and I call him "Naruto" instead of "Sanosuke" kasi during Saturdays, madalas suot niya yung parang armor na may konoha villager symbol.

One time nga nung nagparoute ng comments para sa concessionaire, nilagay ko dun na, "gayahin nyo si Christian kasi mabilis syang magtrabaho".

I found your blog very inspiring. Thank God there's someone like you who can write good things about persons like Christian who, most of the time, has become the laughing stock of other people. God bless!"

October 2006
1:25 AM

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