Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The 2nd edition of the Trick or Treat (otherwise known as the SPi Family Day, albeit informally) went so well last October 28, 2006 that the Employee Relations have decided to do it on this scale every year. The parents and their kids were all agog over the orchestra of activities laid out for them - games galore, a best-in-costume contest, a talent show (which lacked pizzaz but could hopefully be improved next year), and storytelling sessions.

Kudos to the following for a job well done:

- for brewing something this big. We have to give it to you, people!
HR - the staff were everywhere anticipating every need. Cheers!
Writers Guild of SPi / Alitaptap Storytellers Club Philippines - great stories! Here's to more sessions! Wacko and Ethel, see you guys again sometime soon! Thanks, JP Canivel, for coordinating the visit of ASPI to SPi.
Toastmasters Club of SPi - nice job, Espie and Perps. Now if only we could bring in all the rest of the officers to help.
OBRA - face painting was fab as always.
Security - They may have forgotten to send you food but hey, thanks so much po for making everything so orderly!
Facilities - Thanks so much for helping us set up the entire 5/F!

Anyone else we forgot? Kick us in the shin so we can correct this entry. Congratulations once again and cheers!

HR people rock. Ang sisipag ninyo!
Writers Guild moment. Lisa Austria and Regina Bongat of HDI, two of our newly-certified storytellers, prepare the kids for costume presentation.
"Dad, do you know that penguins do not drink milk?" *coughs*

Identity Crisis. "Mommy, if I am Wonder Woman, who is this guy painted on my face?!"
Cold break. The little devil takes a break from sentry duties and orders ice cream.
"Have you seen our mommies?"
A lovely Egyptian Princess. Have you seen Moses yet, dear?
EC Chair Joeven of HDI believes in a second childhood.
"Anak, o! Picture! Smile ka naman!"
Wacko and Ethel of Alitaptap, members of the jury, poses with the Best in Costume winners.
Awww...Batboy is alseep.
"Dad, this shirt looks familiar. Isn't this my school uniform?!"
Theorical question: When people have their photos taken with Jollibee, does the person inside the mascot smiles too?

"Oh, look! Isn't that Peter Pan?" *whispers* "He is so not growing up anymore!"
"Oh, hush! Mira! (Look!) I think that's Tinkerbell behind them!"
Ms. Pam Dayandante enjoys the festivities.
Mom makes last minute adjustments to this mermaid's brassiere.
"Dad, stop it. You are embarrassing me."
"Tee hee! I love drawing!"
"Yes, darling. We can see that!"
"If this thing doesn't come out well, he'd get a taste of a Powerpuff punch!"
"Uh-oh. I hope there's no mirror around here..."
"Good evening, Your Highness!" *curtsies* Can we take your photo now?
"Pia, watch out!" (Or should Benjie Navado watch out instead?!)
"Hah! I told you we'd win this contest!"
"Yadda yadda yadda...."

Writers Guild's very own storytellers and 2 members of Alitaptap Storytellers Club

Proud mom. Ms. Marie of HDI and her twins. Her Superboy won Mr. Congeniality and the twin brother was a contestant for Mr. SPi.
"Oh, Jollibee! I've been waiting for this chance to wring your neck!"
"Darling, look who's got bigger hands!"

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