Thursday, November 02, 2006


The first batch of Writers Guild-sponsored storytellers had their level-up Certification Training with the Alitaptap Storytellers Club, the country's premier storytelling group, last October 21-22 at The National Library on T.M. Kalaw, Manila.

All of them, except Alev Mañiago of CIS, came from Healthcare Documentation (HDI). The rest are Lisa Austria, Dr. Rosemarie Teleron, Kathyleen Nogrado, Maria Lea Torres and Regina Bongat. Training was handled by Alitaptap's current President, Charlyn Chua. The 2-day training composed of storytelling basics, audience assessment, theatre basics, and actual storytelling sessions.

On the second day, the group had a live storytelling activity with children at the Luneta, the national park. Pretty soon, they'd be telling stories at the Museong Pambata and The National Library too.

The art of storytelling goes beyond the mere mouthing and acting of children's stories. It also brings to fore a person's acting abilities, proving their mettle and gift at gathering a crowd and keeping their attention during the entire session. Storytelling is also staging a comeback in the Philippines as a Golden Age is currently being experienced by Filipino writers in the childrens' books genre. Storytelling also engages a child's imagination and encourages him/her to read more books.

The group had their first storytelling session in SPi last October 28 during the SPi Family Day (Trick or Treat).

Hundreds of stories are waiting to be told and read. Will you help?
A statue of Manuel L. Quezon, former President of the Philippine Commonwealth and "Father of the Filipino Language" sits outside the library.

Reg and Posh introduce themselves using a comical skit.

Our future storytellers watch an actual session at the National Library Playroom.
Ate Posh of Alitaptap amuses the kids with a story about a good witch.
Guest storytellers like this lady from Iran also get to mingle with Filipino children who regularly visit The National Library.
When was the last time you visited a real library?
A stunning view of the Manila City Hall clock tower from the 6/F training room.
There are 5 historical structures in this photo. Can you idenify them? There are 6 if you include the building from which the photo was taken. Go on, give it a try. :-)

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