Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Peanut plant. Photo by D. Gozum

Dear friends and readers,

As I write this, three important members of the Writers Guild will have resigned from the Guild, and two of them from SPi. Our Poetry Editor, Dai Miranda, whose very short term saw the introduction of poetry as our way of opening events and programs, will be going back to her creative roots. She says she misses writing and who are we to curtail creativity? There is evil talk that the post is jinxed, but we digress.

A regular contributor, Mahros Abaño of Healthcare, will have returned to her first love - teaching. She now teaches English to elementary and High school students in her hometown of Laguna.

A leading light in our Storytellers group, Lisa Austria has quit the group to focus on one thing she really wishes to develop - writing. We wish her all the best and offer her our support (and guidance, if need be).

Also, and this came rather belatedly, we also say farewell to Ms. Elaine Kunkle, whose generosity has made possible the establishment of READVOLUTION, our very successful reading project here in SPi.

It is always sad to see friends go. It is always sad to say goodbye. But for every farewell, a welcome comes along with it because we never really stop moving. We just do new things. It is our hope that our friends find themselves in a happier state. We hold in our minds and hearts the fondest memories of our time together.

For us who are left, we are challenged to keep things exciting for the rest of the membership, as well as to continue attracting new blood. We are now entering our second year in office and we have learned a lot from our first year. Here's looking forward to a more exciting year ahead of us!


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