Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here are some choice shots of the Dia del Libro (International Book Day) at the Instituto Cervantes. The Writers Guild would like to thank members who took time off their busy schedules to take part in this global activity. This is the first time it’s happening in the Philippines and we salute the Embassy of Spain for spearheading this mostly European tradition in our setting.

The Writers Guild wishes to remind our readers and members that more than the opportunity to buy books at discounted prices, we are also providing you the chance to experience something different each time. Starting with our trip to the MV Doulos (where over 50 co-employees participated!) and now this, a new aspect in enjoying the world of reading (and books) is always presented for your enjoyment.

Do not look at these activities as mere social events that cater to those who can afford to bust money on books, etc. As good news, whatever we buy during sales are immediately made available for lending to all SPi readers via our two (2) Readvolution bookcases (both are in Content until June 2007). Likewise, attending major book events is like going through a rare experience because the opportunity to do so may never come again. You can always attend and just listen to talks and meet authors. Do it also to prove that there actually is more to what already exists for us, that there is a world outside our usual routine and hangouts, that there is life outside the confines of our office. If books are your passion, never hesitate and join us in our next trip!

Our next major WGimik: The 28th Manila International Book Fair
September 2007, World Trade Center Manila, CCP Complex, Pasay City

Smaller book sales can occur between now and September so stay tuned for dates. No need to buy anything! Just come and enjoy the talks of visiting authors and take part in other activities, i.e. storytelling sessions, etc. Events like these are best enjoyed with family members, i.e. kids!

Are you a member of the Writers Guild Readers Circle yet? Members get automatic invites to events, regular updates on new books available for borrowing, and free shuttle rides to sale venues. Sign up now! Text READ_(your name, email) and send to 0927.447.8781!

Let's go out more often! Enjoy life with us!

Starting 'em young. The Writers Guild has made available several children's books in our bookcases so you can either read to your kids before bedtime or during weekends (talk about bonding!) or you can encourage your kids to read, too! Visit our bookcases now so you can check out our storybooks!
Detail. Facade with logo.

Detail. Facade of the building.

Live music was provided at the lobby.

F. Sionil's wife prepares a table of books and roses for her husband's arrival. In Europe, a rose is given to anyone who buys a book during International Book Day. The same tradition was brought to Manila last April 21.

We stayed until lunchtime to wait for the arrival of 2001 National Artist for Literature Awardee F. Sionil Jose.

Whew, now that's a huge leg of jamon serrano!

Join us again next year!!!

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