Thursday, March 08, 2007


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Q: What is this Readvolution? Is this another one of those spur of the moment, hare-brained monsters on the loose?
A: Readvolution is a reading project that aims to promote reading in the workplace. It also comes with a Readers Circle component wherein you can meet other readers during Fellowship Nights, have book sharings, read poetry, get invited to book sales and launchings, and win prizes like books and Readvolution gift items every month! All you have to do is text your name and e-mail address to 0926.622.3359 (Globe) and we'd take care of the rest.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Readers Circle in order to borrow books?
A: No. Every Juan can borrow books anytime you want to. However, only members of the Readers Circle can enjoy the benefits listed above (See Q&A1). They will also receive an exclusive pin that reads I AM A READER! (See yellow circle above).

Q: So what if there is a reading project / book club?
A: Most Filipinos do not read, or do not have the luxury to read. The National Book Development Board said that at least 45% of Filipinos haven't read a book in the last six (6) months. Among the top reasons for non-reading include the expense that comes with buying books. Most individuals would rather buy essentials than buy books. The Readvolution project has in its care many books which have been donated or loaned. Now you have a chance to enjoy reading without having to buy books! Just look for the topic that interests you, borrow, and enjoy!

Q: What do I get from this project?
A: Expanding your horizons, for one. Life can be such a bore if it's just a home-work-home routine. Read and you'd discover more of the world! Bring home some storybooks and read to your kids! Isn't that a great way to bond before bedtime? Some of the best things in life do not come with a price tag. Sometimes all it takes is a book to change the way you look at things.

Q: How do I borrow? Do I need to return the book?
A: First, make sure the bookcases are assigned to your BU. That being established, you can contact the assigned Librarians (these are normally posted on the bookcases' glass panels). Next, choose your desired book, sign your name and the date borrowed and leave the Borrower's Card with your friendly Librarian. Enjoy the book. Of course you have to return it, silly. There's a Late Return Charge, by the way. Unreturned books will be charged to your EC Chairperson's account so have a little mercy and return borrowed books promptly.

Q: How do I contribute to making sure this project stays as a permanent fixture here in SPi?

A: Thanks for this question. You can contribute by reading the books made available. Second, you can donate some books if you can spare some. Third, you can promote the project by encouraging your non-reading friends to try some of the titles for starters. You can join the Writers Guild Readers Circle to get updates on books, share your thoughts and win prizes!

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