Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Issue 2 Volume 2

+ FROM THE CHIEF EDITOR. The Guild President looks back to his discovery of the joys of reading. Read more.

+ EVENTS. The reading project everyone has been waiting for is finally out. Here's a peek at the fabulous launch program you may have failed to attend. Read more.

+ EXCLUSIVE. What is Readvolution all about? What's in it for you? Read more.

+ EVENTS. Here are the photos of the Joint Employee Council-Clubs Planning Session last January 2007. Will the group really make the call of One People, One Voice, One SPi a reality? Abangan! Read more.

+ STANZAS OF STILLNESS. Resident Poet and Storyteller Alev Maniago launches into the deep with more serious - and mature - poetry. Is she ready for LIRA? You be the judge. Read more.

+ BOOK TALKS SERIES. The 1st edition of BOOK TALKS opened last February 28. Here's a look at an evening that was like no other. Read more.

+ WGimik. For those who missed the visit to the M/V Doulos, now there's no reason to say you didn't get to see it. Read more.

+ WGimik. They say charity should begin at home but what if the voices of special children harken? Some of the Writers Guild's storytellers heeded the call. Read more.

+ WRITING CONTEST. The World Bank wants you to win USD 5,000 and 1,000. Here's how to do it. Note: deadline is on March 15! Read more.

+ BOOK REVIEW. Mahros Abaño gives John Grisham a taste of his own medicine. Read more.

+ WGimik. The Writers Guild spends a night with The Pretenders. Read more.

+ CLUB SPiRIT: SPi Clubs Bulletin. Tm President Espie Vitug brings home the bacon. Read more.

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