Monday, February 26, 2007

WGimik: VISITING THE M/V DOULOS! (January 23)

To jumpstart the year 2007 for the Writers Guild, we facilitated a guided visit to the M/V Doulos, then docked at the Manila Harbor, for those who love reading or are simply curious about the world's largest floating bookstore. Trips were made in 2 batches utilizing four vehicles. We were able to bring at least fifty (50) co-employees to see the ship. The others came on their own during the weekend.

Despite the fact the there was general disappointment regarding the very limited titles the ship carried, we came away with the feeling that at least, we were part of this huge event that saw hundreds of people trooping to see this grand old dame of the high seas.

We hope that next time it comes back, we'd be able to enjoy more variety in the titles. Otherwise, there's always the awesome sunset to make up for the lack of better things to read.
Farewell, M/V Doulos! 'Till me we meet again! Vaya con Dios!
"Did you get on board for free, Pia?"
Participants from Healthcare (1st batch).
Participants from Journals (1st batch). Second batch composed of Healthcare and Content. There were at least fifty (50) participants all in all.
The Manila Bay sunset puts up a grand show.

Farewell, dear old lady. See you again next time!

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