Monday, October 16, 2006


Alaala mo MARL, #1

Sa mga nagkalat
na batong bituin
ay natisod na naman
ang aking pag-iisip
at sa pagkakadapa
sa alaala mo’y
nakalublob at
ayaw na waring tumayo!

Alaala mo MARL, #2

Sa paggapang
ng tulirong mag-iisa
hindi makakita
sa pag-asang madilim,
kaya’t pilit kong kinakapa
ang bawat kataga
ng tinapon mong
dagling paalam.

Alaala mo MARL, #5

Sa hinabing
panahon ng limot
itinago ko
ang mga larawan
at pangako mo
datapuwat di-maiwan
itong sisidlang sunong
lagi ng puso’t isip.

Jose Perseus Canivel is the Writers Guild's Workshop Manager and Corporate Initiatives Coordinator of CIS.


No laughing on company hours. Looks like you just bought yourself a shift scrubbing the latrines. – Graveyard Shift (1990), Stephen King

What better way to spend an evening
than by keeping awake
when everyone else is on their way to Neverland

Here is a shrouded consciousness unaffected
by vintage videos of Warwick and the Beatles on Youtube

Drowning in reports of suicidal ideation and STDs
by faceless people from across the sea
whose lives make for interesting reading
between sips of stale coffee and biscuits.

Is it about enjoying the solitude unquestioningly
or is this simply to avoid the judgment of people
whom you might end up working with during the day?

July 5, 2006
Sarimanok Dreams

Vingel Yago is the nom de plume of an English Editor in HDI.

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