Sunday, October 29, 2006


“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it.” - William Feather

Dear readers,

The Guild had a most interesting September. We went through a little imbroglio from which we thought it would be difficult to extricate ourselves. Good thing we have been taught well in the art of diplomacy or else you wouldn't be seeing us here today with our October issue. We all have our little foibles. Believe it or not, we all go through that stage when we want to push the envelope a little further. Please know that in the Guild, there is more than enough room for dissenting voices.

Enough. I'm talking gibberish.

Towards the end of September, during which Typhoon Milenyo was ravaging the capital, I had the chance of escaping to Western Visayas to attend a wedding, as well as to visit Iloilo City and Guimaras Island. Nothing prepared me for the charms of Bacolod, my first stop. The first problem I encountered was what to eat first, the city being Region VI's food capital. If there's anything I really miss most, it is seeing the sunrise that comes with an early morning flight, and indulging in local culture. Lucky that I got to do both, and more. A lovely wedding, local crafts, chicken inasal, and many other surprises after, I came home to Manila - humbled and forlorn from all that wind and rain - fully convinced that we are missing so much.

On a related note, our writers will talk about the things they miss most in this month's issue. I am sure you can relate to these things: Voltes V, Shaider, Butterball, Haw Flakes, a certain bubble gum whose name escapes me at the moment (wait, was it Bazooka? The one that comes with a cartoon strip?), Scott's Emulsion (cod liver oil, remember?), Hi-Ro cookies, Pinoy-made chocolates and a whole lot more. People, food, places, events - the things we miss vary greatly.

Share with us what you miss most! Join us in this exercise ("pagbabalik tanaw") as we try to make life in SPi more exciting and meaningful for you, our readers.

Text or email us your thoughts (Globe Mobile Number 0926.622.3359 or at and we'll publish them here.

Welcome to our October issue. Mabuhay!

Best regards,

Dylan Yap Gozum / Editorial Director, BACKSPACE

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