Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Dear Writer,

I envy you because no matter how much I try, I just can't write. I have come to the conclusion that I CAN NOT WRITE! I've had many plots for amusing short stories in my head, written in part on paper and some have been developed as far as the first chapter and typed in my trusted typewriter, but none have been completed, except in my head, where the ink fades and the story turns into ash as I sleep! But it's not just short stories.

I've wanted to write poems too. Jotting down the verses in my head, written in the clouds and made to rhyme like a beautiful melody. But NO. My poems are of sadness and pain, of loneliness and sorrow, of lost hope and a search of nothingness. (Well there goes all my poetry topics.) Although deep and gloomy as they may sound, they do not want to be written down, not even in deep, dark colors. God help me break my writer's block...wait, I'm not a writer. I haven't successfully written anything substantial enough to be considered an art worthy of being read by others. I'm a scam! I can hear the stones being thrown my way and all the shouts of anger, or rather disgust at my failed attempts.

Can my writer's block be ever crushed into dirt? Oh, wait...I can't have writer's block because I am no writer! Darn it! I can never understand how it feels to have one's creation printed in an ink that is not one's own. For all writer's out there, be thankful for your writer's block, it means you can actually write, you just haven't started!

Yours Truly,


Maria Pilar R. Manzano is with the Office of the HR Director as Administrative Assistant. She is also the Writers Guild's Vice President and Backspace's Features Editor.

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Freelance writer said...

I read wonerful qoute somewhere - "You are a writer as soon as you give yourself permission to be".

Not every word has to be captivating and awe inspiring.

Everyday worries and sadnesses are interesting and beautiful too.

Rock on*