Friday, September 15, 2006


Whatcha playin’, player?

by Mahros Abaño

With the fast-rising technology, CDs are practically becoming obsolete. Everything now comes in small, easily accessible packages, and how music is stored is one of them. I am not one to succumb to technology, being the technophobe that I am, but one has to yield to it. Eventually, I got my fat ass a player. It was like mixed-taping without the bulk. It gets me going in the morning, makes me pensive when in a long bus ride or just not make me scream bloody murder in the middle of Parañaque traffic at eight in the morning.

These are the tracks that I like listening to. I narrowed it down to my ten current listening, as I don’t want to take most of the space. Maybe you like some of them but even if you don’t, I don’t care a fig, just kidding. Share me yours, then. Here it goes:

1.) KOKOMO. The Beach Boys – I grew up listening to them but lived them much later. Brian Wilson can’t even surf even if his life depended on it, yet he wrote songs about surfing and hooking up with really hot, blond California girls. A true geek if there ever was one. It never fails to perk me up in the morning.

2.) HIMIG NATIN. Tropical Depression with Pepe Smith and Jr. Kilat – A collaboration of three of the best in the Philippine music industry one of the best songs ever written, and I am not mincing words here. I loved these three artists and I get tickled pink whenever I listen to this song. A good reggae rendition that any “rasta” worth his salt should have on his player.

3.) IS IT WICKED NOT TO CARE? Belle and Sebastian – Isobel Campbell is one of the sweetest, haunting voices out there. As she sings the lines, “If ever there was a sequel,/Would you love me as an equal/Will you love me till I am dead?/Or is threesome else instead?/,” I cannot help but look out the window while on a long bus ride and contemplate the recent tragedy that is my love life. Best companion when I am in-an-indie-film type of mood.

4.) IN BETWEEN DAYS (Live). The Cure – Robert Smith. ‘Nuff Said.

5.) MARX AND ENGELS. Belle and Sebastian – I have tons of Belle and Sebastian tracks because I completely adore them and I have to recommend this. The piano part on this song is absolutely fantastic. This song is about a guy who is in love with a Marxist who wouldn’t talk to him unless it’s about politics; because of this, he could only watch her as she does her laundry.

6.) JULIE TEARJERKY. Eraserheads – I love them since I first heard them and this is one of the songs that show their maturity as musicians. I may be wrong, but there isn’t a single musician or music lover under the age of 30 in this country who was not influenced bu these guys.

7.) THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND. Madonna. I’ll admit it, I am a fag hag. And any self-respecting fag hag will have a Madonna track on her player, next to vogue-ing matches with her gays. Got to pay respects to the Madge.

8.) COIN-OPERATED BOY. The Dresden Dolls – This is a band composed of two freaks that dress up like mimes from a 1930s Berlin peep show and play this piano-laden track about getting a robot boyfriend after a bitter break-up.

9.) KING WITHOUT A CROWN. Matisyahu – He is an Orthodox Jew. He sings reggae, rap and does beat box. Watch your sexy back, Justin. With his inspirational lyrics about his devotion to God and other good things, coupled with kick ass beats, I’ll listen ti him anytime.

10.) I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS. Boomtown Rats – Admit it, who doesn’t? This song was inspired by a homicide in Britain; when the killer was asked why he shot a man, this was his reply. A funny ditty on a rather sad consequence of urban angst. So keep your hands to your coffee mugs, people, not on your gloc nines.

Again, I reiterate that this is my personal choice, si I wouldn’t want to hear a lot of reactions why this or that band is not included. If you like music and talks incessantly like I do, give me a shout out and let’s trade influences. E-mail me at .

Mahros Abaño is a part-time eccentric, full-time neurotic. She currently scratches her gray matter for the uses of punctuation marks she learned in elementary school as she is an English Editor for HDI. She is also on a Holy Grail pursuit for the best hopia on earth.

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