Saturday, September 30, 2006

FROM THE CHIEF EDITOR (September 2006)

"If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster." - Isaac Asimov on being a writer

When we were new to SPi (spi technologies pa siya dati), we found the tag line “People are at the heart of what we do” very moving. Although it smacks of cheesy advertising (sorry!), we still find it comforting to know that a corporate environment – usually stiff and cold - can still have a heart.

We first had the idea of featuring people while going up the stairs back to our office after a quick coffee break (We've been charged with 'abandonment of post' before so we made sure we didn't tarry). Interestingly, that light-bulb moment was a just few minutes before we found out that a BU mate used to be with Bayan Muna, that another used to tell stories to children in National Bookstore, and that another guy is actually juggling two jobs as practising physician and a medical transcriptionist. Amazing!

Indeed, to borrow a Melanism, one mustn’t judge a person by his cover, er, character because he/she is not a book. How apt for our setting!

This September, BACKSPACE brings you stories of some people who you may just bump into everyday in our cafeteria or in the washroom but never had the chance to know better. We can’t blame you for not being interested in them. They’re one of us but like everyone else, they too have their own exciting stories to tell.

The Writers Guild welcomes you to our very first PEOPLE issue. Due to delays however, we are only able to feature one person in this issue. The rest of the interviews will be featured in October. Cheers!

Dylan Yap Gozum
President, Writers Guild

N.B. We are also welcoming onboard new writers, some of whom were “discovered” during our first workshop on creative non-fiction last August 26. You can say that after training, a venue for their works should come next. This is it. Yes, this is small time, virtually unknown, but we all have to start somewhere.

ME with "Tisay" (real name: Melcar, 11). She was featured in GMA7's I-Witness which talked about children who were left behind in Boracay by their foreigner fathers. I recognized her when she was offering to braid my short hair for PHP 100. I gave it to her instead as a gift (the peso bill, not my hair and no, I didn't have it braided.)

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer (currently firewalled in our PCs *sob*)

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