Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Writers Guild of SPi is pregnant - with ideas, that is. This September, your Guild is launching a drive called Project R.E.A.D. (Reading as Exploration And self-Development). Loaned from several private collections, the Guild will be making available several titles for you to borrow, read, and share with your co-workers and friends! Discover the world that only reading can offer ! Read now! MAKE IT A HABIT!

Here are two books all SPi employees can borrow from us for the months of August and September:

by Paolo Coelho, author of The Alchemist

Starting this month, several books will be lent to anyone from SPi who may be interested in broadening their horizons by reading more great books.


1.) This book is owned by a private individual and has only been lent to the Guild. Please take care of it as if it were your own. Do not fold or write on the pages. A bookmark will be provided.

2.) Once you receive it, text us your name, SBU, and mobile number. When you pass it on to someone from within SPi only, text us his/her name, SBU, and mobile number. This way, we can track the book's location.

3.) The book must return to the Guild by the end of September.

Interested? TEXT US NOW!
Text 11_(your name)_(SBU) or ZAHIR_(your name)_(SBU) to 0926.622.3359 and let us know how you wish to claim the book. TEXT NOW! The world of reading awaits you!


Where is the book now? Text us NOW so you'd get the book next!

THE ZAHIR is currently with Phem Tipo of SPS. Mary Grace Reytiran of SPS follows.

ELEVEN MINUTES is currently with Mary Grace Reytiran of SPS. Are YOU next in line?


Anonymous said...

There were already many previous corporate announcements that have reached us here in the Cebu facility and I, for one, was interested on some of those but they seem not applicable to us considering the distance. This time I am curious enough to inquire if we can also avail of borrowing this book. Even in doubt we can, at least you will know over there that there are also many of us here who are willing and interested to participate in any programs that were introduced in the corporate announcements. What's the use of including us in the e-mail thread if those announcements are not applicable to us? Just an enlightening. Thank you.

I write for the world said...

Dearest SPi colleague,

Maayong adlaw kanimo! Kumusta naman mo diha sa Sugbu? Dugay dugay na pud kog wa'y bisita bisita diha, dah!

Please know that we appreciate this mail from you and please know that while we are just (re)starting our operations in our Manila headquarters, we also have your needs in our minds although we couldn't do much about it for the meantime.

Here's the thing. Imposible dyud kaayo to have the books shipped to Cebu. First, even if we do have the money to do just that, the eventual costs of the project will just be too enormous to even consider the whole thing seriously.

Second, we could open a Cebu chapter if that would be okay with you, guys. We could put it first under our tutelage until you are ready to be on your own. The Cebu facility is just small compared to what we have here in Manila so I do not see any problems in recruiting members. I know too well that the Visayas is home to many, many good writers.

Third, this is what I think is best for us at the moment. The Writers Guild is very ready to publish any works - essays, stories, poetry, features - from our Cebu counterparts and friends. In fact, we would just LOVE to know what's happening in Cebu and in our other SPi offices scattered in the Philippines and all over the world.

Please email us your literary works at dylangozum@yahoo.com.

I really wish we could do something about extending Project READ to Cebu and elsewhere but I must admit we do have our limitations for now. We will discuss this ASAP in our next meeting. An email re your complaint has been sent to everyone concerned as of this writing.

Once again, daghang salamat! Hinaot unta na malipayon kamo diha sa Sugbo!

Best regards,

Dylan Yap Gozum
President, Writers Guild

Anonymous said...

Just like anonymous from Cebu, Dumaguete wants also to be included and to take part in the programs introduced by Manila. Thank you and God bless us all!

I write for the world said...

To our Dumaguete readers and writers, greetings from the Writers Guild!

Kumusta naman mong tanan sa Dumaguete? We hope you are all well.

First, please know that appreciate your interest in being part of our projects.

Here's the thing: The clubs in the SPi system seem to be moving on their own independent of each other. As of now, the budget given to clubs seems to be good enough only for their respective locations. This is the reason why we decided to use this blog to reach more of our colleagues and co-writers from Manila to other places in the Philippines (and God knows where else! :-p).

Inani na lang, please email us the name of someone we can talk to regarding this. It is very difficult to reply to anonymous messages, much more talk to them :-p

Let's start witht this muna, and let's see where we can move on from there. To our Cebu readers, this also applies to you. If there are readers from Laguna, to you as well. You already my personal email. Give me names.

Once again, daghang salamat sa pagbisita dinhi sa Backspace!

For the Guild,

Dylan Gozum

I write for the world said...

Sorry for missing words. They are:

"that WE appreciate..."

"already KNOW my personal..."

Once again, mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.