Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die. (Isaac Asimov)

Manila Bay landing
Baywalk, Manila
Photo by Dylan Yap Gozum

Our assumption into office in SPi's Writers Guild was close to being a Napoleon-esque affair, to say the least. With only 7 people in attendance in what was supposed to be a General Assembly meeting, it was foisted upon us that an election had to be made right there and then to take over the duties of outgoing officers, who all were mired in work elsewhere. So, like what Napoleon Bonaparte did on his coronation day, we picked up the crowns placed before us and placed them on our own heads.

As we are not given to pomp and circumstance, we hit the ground running within 5 minutes of our "election". Already, we have calendared our activities for 2006 (please visit ABOUT US). It looks like a pregnant year, indeed, with several new and exciting stuffs coming up. Also, to address the twin issues of savings (read: cost cutting) and reaching a wider audience, we have agreed to make use of today's most exciting means of communication - the web log.

This literary blog, named BACKSPACE to denote a work in progress, will feature several writers' works every month. Yes, we will be featuring YOU here! Your work will go online for the world to read! Also, we will be rocking your world come June - the SPi Inter-Playoffs - as we all play the WORD FACTORY, and in July during the Festival of Clubs for something really fun- the much-missed FUN DEBATE (Fiesta Edition). We are doing this with the Toasmasters Club this year.

Also, I am happy to work with a lean but mean team, starting with our VP Pia - ever so articulate and proper and... just perfect for the job!, and JP and Alex (erstwhile Secretary and PRO, respectively), who form the Communications Group. A huge THANK YOU goes to Dhang and Ivy for helping us calendar our events for 2006 properly. With the advent of this blog, we look forward to reaching a wider audience.

We know it is unusual practice but we would like to declare 2006 as the Year of Writers in SPi. We may sound like we intend to outshine the other clubs (we really do), but we just want to drum up interest in you, our writers. We want you to know that you all have a home here. Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to join our new and exciting activities.

To our co-SPi colleagues who are called to this noble endeavor of being a writer, all of us who dabble in poetry, feature, essays, scripts, etc., please know that our time to shine has come.

Welcome and Mabuhay!

Dylan Yap Gozum
President, Writers Guild

Editorial Director, BACKSPACE

Writers Guild
SPi Headquarters
ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila
The Philippines

May 16, 2006


chumly said...

Sounds great to me. Bookmarked and looking forward to more posts.

Iohannes Dei said...


Dio Brando said...

I'm a newly hired SPi employee, and I was wondering if comics or "graphic novels" are eligible to be entered as entries. I'm a komikero (a local term coined to describe comicbook artists) at heart, and I do believe that comicbooks are a beautiful fusion of art and literature. I was hoping to get a chance of trying out if my stuff could work, even if its not that much. Thanks and more power!!

I write for the world said...


Hey! Thanks for writing. Your comments were just published recently so I only got to read about your letter this morning (at 3AM). Yes, comics are very much welcome. The idea, really, is to widen participation and make people read more. If it takes comics to do it, I dont see why we cant load them here.

You can email me directly at or text me at 0926.622.3359 and let me know how we can discuss this.

- Dylan