Sunday, July 16, 2006


Nothing beats going out with friends and treating yourselves to a good dinner sometimes. Call it a reward of sorts, but the idea really is to get yourself a break from all that work (or whatever is left of it) and splurge on a good meal!

We recently checked out the newly opened Mall of Asia (claimed to be the largest mall in SEA, the 3rd in Asia) and found ourselves drawn to this place which is awashed in cool blue.

Welcome to the bed scene. Yes, that's what it's called. the bed scene is a restaurant-cum-bar located at the back of the mall facing the sea, hence that all-blue concept to give you a feeling of being under water. This is further supported by nicely located aquariums and light effects on the ceiling that mimics moving water.

The food choices are, more or less, something you'd also see in other restaurants but here, they've already simplified things by grouping certain entrees into set meals (or what we normally call in fastfoods as "combos"). There are about 4 set meals to choose from ranging from php 300++ (a salad, the main course, dessert) to something less than Php 200 (salad OR dessert, main course).

As usual, the rule in eating in never-been-tried-before places is to order the basic stuff. If they win in this basic test, then it's worth coming back for the complicated ones and the house specialties.

How is it related to the bed bar in Malate? The similarity in the font style is uncanny.
Nice, comfy pillows to lean or rest your tired feet on.
Light effects on the ceiling mimics underwater current
Be prepared to kick your shoes off and sit comfortably on huge, wide blue couches! Total relaxation while having dinner has never been this good.
The Linguine Vongole is okay. Not quite impressive because the linguine is overcooked and appears limp. The sauce is very light though, and the serving is enough to make you feel full but not overfed.
The goood ol' liempo updated! Rather enjoyable if it weren't a bit tough. Maybe the bed scene should learn to cook only when orders come in. If anything, this piece was very tasty and the presentation was very nice and sharp.

Overall, the experience was okay, but not something you'd really want to do over and over. The best thing perhaps would be to try the other things on the menu and see what other surprises can this place spring on us.

WG Rating (Perfect score of 5/5):
How the the bed scene fared:
3 forks for food
5 rounds of applause for ambience
5 rounds of applause for service
(great satin pajamas except that satin doesn't look good on the male servers).


Anonymous said...

Great review but I think it would be more helpful if you would also mention how the price fared, if it's "bang-for-the-buck" or overpriced? Good job!..thanks

I write for the world said...

Sir, thank you for writing us. We would have appreciated it more if you left your name so we can properly thank you.

Sorry for the lapse in the available information. I think we must have missed the price list, which of course is the most important thing.

Hmmm, let me see. I think it was rather expensive for such a simple meal but the ambience is just nice, novel and therefore priceless.

We hope to incorporate your suggestion in our next food review.



Anonymous said...

has anyone got the price yet?!?

me & my friends are planning to visit the said resto. it wud be nice to know how much will it damage us if we dine there... hehehe!...=p



I write for the world said...

It's reasonable, don't worry. It starts at Php 100++ or thereabouts.

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